Operations and Policy Manual














Revision Number: 15

Effective Date: 060114





Liberty Air Group, FreedomAir Virtual Airlines and any of its subsidiaries are in no way affiliated with any real world airline, past or present. We are a non-profit group of flight simulator enthusiasts simulating airline operations.




From: Management Team, FreedomAir Virtual Airlines


To: All FreedomAir VA Members


Subject: FreedomAir Operations and Policy Manual


A. INTRODUCTION - The staff and management of Liberty Air Group, FreedomAir Virtual Airlines (herein after known as "FreedomAir") are dedicated to enhancing the experience of flight simulator enthusiasts by providing a practical and realistic simulation of real world airline operations.


We know that everyone flies for different reasons. Some enjoy the hobby, others are in it for the hard-core simulation of flying an airplane and others may use it as a training platform to enhance their real world flying skills. Regardless of their reason for choosing to fly with FreedomAir, we endeavor to give our pilots the resources they need to get the most out of their experience.


This manual is designed to help you learn about the operations and procedures that govern our day-to-day operations. Every effort has been made to ensure that this manual contains useful and applicable information. In the event that any of these policies are unclear or an item is not addressed specifically, please contact Staff for further assistance.


The diverse nature of our operation prevents this manual from addressing every unique situation that may arise. Ultimately, your success as a virtual pilot with FreedomAir will depend on a mixture of acceptable practices, sound judgment and common sense.


B. APPLICABILITY - The policies and procedures outlined in this manual are applicable to all FreedomAir pilots. Acceptance into our organization and use of its systems signify your agreement to review and abide by the guidelines set forth in this document. This manual may be revised from time-to-time. All personnel will be informed when a new revision is imminent. Executive Staff is responsible for the maintenance of this manual. Any changes to this manual shall be approved by the President/CEO prior to implementation.


C. CANCELLATION - This document shall remain in effect until a new/revised manual has been put in place.


FreedomAir Management Team

Liberty Air Group, FreedomAir Virtual Airlines



Table of Contents



1.     General Information

1.1    Legal Information and Disclosure

1.2    Corporate Leadership Structure

1.3    FreedomAir Hubs (Domiciles)


2.     Mission Statement


3.     Membership

3.1    Application Guidelines

3.2    Rehires and Inactivity

3.3    Hub Transfer Request

3.4    Leave of Absence

3.5    Transfer Hours from other VA's


4.     Pilot Ranks and Privileges


5.     Flight Assignments and Routes

5.1    Pilots

5.2    Route Privileges


6.     Code of Conduct

6.1    General Conduct

6.2    Company Website, Forums, Resources, Etc.

6.3    Other Websites, Forums, Social Media, VATSIM, Etc.


7.     Operations

7.1    Pilot Currency

7.2    ACARS Usage

7.3    Scheduled Routes

7.4    Accelerated Flight Time



1.     General Information


FreedomAir Virtual Airlines was  named in honor of the many men and women who tragically lost their lives in the attacks on September 11, 2001, and the many heroes that have since responded to the call of duty. We aim to keep their memories alive.



            1.1 Legal Information and Disclosure


                   1.1.1 Real World Affiliation and Copyrights

Liberty Air Group, FreedomAir Virtual Airlines and any of its subsidiaries  (herein after known as "FreedomAir") are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by any real world airline, past or present. We are not a real world airline; we do not hire people for real world employment positions or have any physical office space. FreedomAir exists solely to provide an enjoyable experience to users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane. All material published on our website is to be used for flight simulation purposes only and shall not, under any circumstances, be used for real world aviation purposes.


The FreedomAir website is not for use in any commercial purpose, FreedomAir is a not-for-profit organization that does not generate any income for its members or owners.


1.1.2 FreedomAir Copyright Statement

No part of the FreedomAir website shall be transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means (electronic or otherwise). Any such act represents copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property solely owned by Liberty Air Group, FreedomAir Virtual Airlines.



1.2 Corporate Leadership Structure


The FreedomAir leadership structure is designed to distinguish the responsibilities of each staff member. We will be operating with a small corporate staff. Currently, we have five staff positions, as follows.


·         Founder - The individual with the vision to start FreedomAir.

·         President/CEO - Directly responsible for the continued development and administrative oversight of the organization. Leads the Management Team charged with developing policies and procedures, and is responsible for strategic planning of goals, objectives and operations within the organization. Responsible for overseeing the implementation and long-term success of the decisions and programs developed by Staff. In charge of the airline and makes final decisions for the airline. Maintains overall responsibility and authority to hire, suspend, demote and terminate personnel (staff and pilots) and is authorized to hear and determine a course of action on all personnel matters. Works directly with the staff concerning all operational issues and policies.

·         Vice President - Pilot Development - Oversees day-to-day management of our pilots, is responsible for newhire induction, FSHost and TeamSpeak server availability. Assists with development and achievement of organizational goals. Promotes policy and code of conduct compliance. Oversees hiring process of new pilots. Other duties as may be assigned.

·         Vice President - Technology Development - Responsible for maintaining overall functionality and operation of the FreedomAir website, forums and other site software. Works directly with the CEO to establish and maintain data backup procedures in an effort to ensure continuous availability of all IT systems and applications. In addition, the VP-TD is responsible for additional development projects or programs that involve the website and IT systems. Other duties as may be assigned.

·         Flight Dispatch - Responsible for processing of PIREPs. Interacts directly with pilots in any scheduling issues or concerns.


Others positions may be added as organizational needs arise



1.3    FreedomAir Hubs (Domiciles)


                   FreedomAir operates out of nine (9) hubs in the USA.


                        Chicago, IL - KMDW and KORD

                        Los Angeles, CA - KLAX

                        New York, NY - KJFK

                        Denver, CO - KDEN

                        Ft. Lauderdale, FL - KFLL

                        Houston, TX - KIAH

                        Phoenix, AZ - KPHX

                        Seattle, WA - KSEA

                        Anchorage, AK - PANC





2.     Mission Statement


To provide the community of flight simulator pilots with a virtually realistic environment in which to fly. The only requirements are that you have a love of aviation, and a desire to participate.





3.     Membership


FreedomAir does not require new members to have prior virtual aviation experience to join. We do expect new members to have a basic understanding of flight operations and aircraft navigation. New members are also expected to understand the basic functionality of MS Flight Simulator, Prepar3D or X-Plane prior to joining.


FreedomAir operates in compliance with the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This law states that identifiable personal information cannot be collected from minors under the age of thirteen. Under no circumstances will an applicant under the age of thirteen be hired. Persons found falsifying their age will be terminated from FreedomAir.


It is the applicant's responsibility to supply truthful, valid information. Members are required to submit and maintain an active, current, valid email address at all times. Members found to have an invalid email account are subject to removal. FreedomAir reserves the right to reject any and all applications at our discretion, for any reason, with or without explanation regarding the decision.


All pilots are eligible and encouraged to participate in all online events from day one. This includes the FreedomAir forums, TeamSpeak & FSHost servers and any other FreedomAir resources.


NOTE: Once membership with FreedomAir has been confirmed, the member is subject to the Currency requirements outlined in this document. Deviations from the currency requirements require approval of the CEO.



3.1    Application Guidelines


Prospective members may submit an online application for membership via the "Join FreedomAir" link, under "About FreedomAir" on the FreedomAir website. Applications must be completed in their entirety.


3.2    Rehires and Inactivity


Members who have left the airline voluntarily should contact the Vice President - Pilot Development to institute the reactivation process. Members returning from voluntary leave will be reinstated.


Members wishing to return after being terminated for inactivity should contact the CEO - outlining the reasons behind their inactivity and to confirm their commitment to fulfilling the minimum flight requirements to maintain pilot currency.



          3.3    Hub Transfer Request


Hub Transfers can be requested via "My Career", and clicking on the "Request Hub Transfer" icon. Please note that you must include a reason for the transfer. Only one (1) hub transfer may be requested every three (3) months. Reassignment to another hub may not be immediately available due to hub staffing requirements.



          3.4    Leave of Absence


Pilots requesting a LOA (Leave of Absence) can do so by filing the LOA form located under Pilot Operations on the main menu. Each LOA can have a duration of 90 days maximum. Any special requests to deviate from this policy must be submitted to the CEO via PM or email. Please do not wait until you are close to or past currency to request a LOA as we need time to process the request. New hires or re-hires may request a LOA after 2 months of continuous service with FreedomAir.

Please note that individuals requesting LOA for Military Leave or special leave of absence due to elongated emergencies should make the request using the form and also PM or email the CEO. Please include as much information as possible about your leave, including expected return date and a way to contact you (if needed). We request that you do stay in touch with Staff and/or other members - so that we know how you are doing.



3.5 Transfer Hours from other VA's


Pilots may be given partial credit for previous flight time flown with a recognized virtual airline. Recognition will be based on activity, time flown, and other factors. The amount of transferable hours will be decided on a case-by-case basis and shall not exceed 25 hours. These hours shall be validated with the previous VA. Pilots will provide a valid link and/or contact information so that previous VA service can be verified. If a pilot requests consideration of transfer hours the pilot must PM the CEO with the required information. Pilots must request transfer hours credit prior to completing one month of service with FreedomAir. Requests outside of the one month time limit will not be considered.





4.     Pilot Ranks and Privileges




 Route Privileges/Additions


 Junior Flight Officer

Commuter Routes
U. S. State
Capital Tour (optional)


 Flight Officer



 First Officer

Domestic Hub Routes



FA 'e-Wings'@ 50 hours


 Senior Captain

Series Flights


 Commercial First Officer



 Commercial Captain



Commercial Senior Captain 

 Mexico/Central America


 Commercial Commander



 Commercial Senior Commander



 ATP First Officer



 ATP Captain



 ATP Senior Captain



 ATP Commander



ATP Senior Commander 


 NOTE: Each higher rank level still carries the responsibilities
and privileges of all previous rank levels.


5.     Flight Assignments and Routes

All pilots have the opportunity to fly and complete the FreedomAir Capital Tour during their career at FreedomAir. The Capital Tour is a tour of all fifty (50) U.S. State Capitals and Washington, DC. Please contact a Staff member if you are interested. The tour may be flown concurrently with other FreedomAir flights. All Capital Tour flights shall be flown in sequence to complete the tour.


5.1    Pilots - Advancement through the ranks will allow pilots to fly Series Flights, Canadian, Caribbean, Mexico/Central American and any other flights that may become available in the future.


5.11    New Hire Pilots


All new hire pilots start out with the rank of Junior Flight Officer. For the first 25 hours of a new hires career, they will fly commuter routes only (those scheduled routes with turboprop and regional jet aircraft). After the initial 25 hours flight time, pilots may fly any route in our domestic schedule that originates and terminates at their assigned hub (a round-trip flight comprising of 2 flights total).


5.12    Qualified Line Pilots


Line pilots holding the rank of First Officer or higher are able to fly any routes that their rank qualifies them for, along with routes below their current rank.


5.2    Route Privileges


All route privileges are listed in the Pilot Ranks and Privileges table (see '3' above). If there is a question on whether or not you are qualified to fly a specific scheduled route, ask PRIOR to flying the route. Pilots who fly routes outside of their rank limits will not receive credit for those routes.


NOTE: Each higher rank level still carries the responsibilities
and privileges of all previous rank levels.





6.     Code of Conduct


6.1    General Conduct


We understand that from time to time there may be differences of opinion. While we respect these differences and promote active discussion, the following are classified as unacceptable behavior. Participation in any of the following constitutes violation of the FreedomAir Code of Conduct:


·         Use of foul or unsuitable language toward ANY member of the FreedomAir community via any means (including forums, PM's, email, TeamSpeak, etc.).

·         Defame, abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others.

·         Publishing, posting, uploading, distributing or disseminating any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, indecent, obscene or unlawful material, topic, name or information to any FreedomAir venue (including pornographic or sexual explicit materials).

·         Upload files that contain software or other material protected by intellectual property or privacy laws, unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received any necessary consent in writing.

·         Upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files or other similar programs or software that may damage the operation of another member's computer.

·         Restrict or inhibit any other member from utilizing and enjoying the communication services available through FreedomAir and its resources.

·         Harvest or otherwise collect personal/identifiable information about others (including email addresses) without their explicit consent.

·         Hacking or attempting to hack any of FreedomAir's online systems or services.

·         Violate any applicable US/local laws or regulations.

·         Willfully initiate, instigate or participate in any political discussions. There are other forums on the web for political discussion, please use them.

·         Advertising of any type, without the express consent written consent of the CEO and Executive Staff.


You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner when using any FreedomAir resource. This can be accomplished by abiding by the FreedomAir Code of Conduct. Any violation of the Code of Conduct may result in the suspension and/or termination of your FreedomAir accounts and termination of FreedomAir membership.


6.2    Company Website, Forums, Resources, Etc.


6.2.1 Forums


The forums are a place for friendly discussion, debate and making new friends. They are not the place for inappropriate or aggressive arguments of any sort. Any persons found to be engaging in aggressive/inappropriate behavior on the forum will be subject to code of conduct violation.


6.2.2 TeamSpeak


All members of FreedomAir are welcome and encouraged to utilize TeamSpeak. Push-to-talk is required for all users of TeamSpeak. During your chatting and discussion on TeamSpeak, you are expected to respect all members participating in the discussion. We encourage free thought and expression (you may discuss your own personal views), but know when to stop. Comments classified as derogatory to any group of people, including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, political/religious affiliation and/or nationality will not be tolerated. Harassment, name-calling, spamming, constant channel switching, etc. will not be tolerated. Always be positive, friendly and helpful.


If your conversation is limited to only certain members connected to the server, you should move to another (private) channel.


If you are unable to follow the rules on TeamSpeak, you will be warned, kicked from a channel or banned from the server entirely for a period of time. That time period will vary depending of the nature of the offense.


Abusing Server Administrator (SA) privileges will result in an immediate suspension.


6.2.3 Other FreedomAir Resources


Use of other FreedomAir resources (FSHost, site hosted chat, site Shout! box, etc.) which are available or may become available to members shall carry the same code of conduct rules as outlined in sections 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 above.


6.3 Other Websites, Forums, Social Media, VATSIM, Etc.


FreedomAir Virtual Airlines is committed to promoting a positive environment within the VA and in the general virtual flying community in all forms of media. It is imperative for all of us to act in a manner that reflects positively on ourselves and that does not bring undue or unjust criticism on the VA.

Like any other organization in today’s technological world, FreedomAir Virtual Airlines has found a need to set some guidelines and rules for the use of social media and other forms of media used by FreedomAir, whether offered through third-party providers, or FreedomAir itself. This media has been created for promoting this VA and to help with information sharing, training and to build a sense of community. In an effort to maintain a professional and comfortable environment for pilots of all ages and backgrounds, we are asking for your cooperation and compliance with the following:

6.3.1 Facebook

- The Facebook page has been restricted to active pilots only.
- Please do not post any pictures, links or make any comments that may reflect poorly on you, or bring undue and unjust criticism of FreedomAir Virtual Airlines.
- Please limit the nature of the Facebook page for the promotion of our shared hobby and interests



6.3.2 Other Websites, Forums, VATSIM, Etc.


When using sources outside of FreedomAir Virtual Airlines, please adhere to the code of conduct stated above. Present a professional attitude when discussing or representing FreedomAir. It is permissible to advertise for FreedomAir elsewhere, as long as that site allow it, you provide a direct link to "http://www.FreedomAir.us" and post in our forums indicating the location (provide a link) of where you advertised.



6.3.3 Participation with outside VA’s

- There is NO restriction on pilots being a pilot here and with another VA.
- Pilots with this VA can be on staff at another VA.
- Staff at FreedomAir Virtual Airlines can not be on staff at another VA.
- Recruiting pilots from FreedomAir to another VA is strictly prohibited.




7.     Operations


          7.1    Pilot Currency


You must fly at least one FreedomAir approved scheduled route every 30 days using our automated ACARS system (kACARS) to maintain your currency (one-way, not round-trip).

New or re-hired (returning) members must file their first report within 14 days of hire using kACARS. Failure to do so will result in termination for inactivity without notice. Special exceptions may apply if the member contacts Flight Dispatch and receives an extension.


We are aware that there are “non-virtual” schedules to be maintained. We do ask that you remain in “Active” status on the roster. Apart from that, YOU determine how often you fly.




          7.2    ACARS Usage


All scheduled flights shall be flown using the kACARS program and submitted automatically to the FreedomAir website.

FreedomAir Dispatch will not approve a manual fight unless there is some specific reason listed in your submitted flight report (in the comments section). If your computer crashes, flight sim stops working or some other reason - list it. Do not make a habit of filing manual reports. If we see a string of manual flights, we hope that you will contact Staff for technical support. If we see a string of manual reports without any reasons, those PIREPs will be rejected. Again, please do not make a habit of manual reports. If you need help with the kACARS software or anything site related, contact a Staff member for technical support.



7.3    Scheduled Routes


7.3.1   Aircraft Usage


·         Pilots shall use the aircraft type specified in the scheduled route or an approved substitute for the selected flight.

·         Pilots are responsible for selecting an aircraft with sufficient range and shall load adequate fuel to safely reach their destination or alternate airport, including holding patterns. Landing at intermediate points for refueling is not permitted.

·         If the pilot determines that the specified or approved substitute aircraft is unable to complete the selected flight segment safely, the pilot shall notify Dispatch via PM prior to commencing the flight for instructions.


            7.3.2   Altitude Assignments


·         Pilots shall use the cruising altitude listed in the schedule for the specified route.

·         Schedules are created to reflect a realistic cruise altitude for the aircraft type used on each route segment.

·         Submitted PIREP's that do not indicate the flight attained TOC (Top of Climb) will be rejected.



7.4    Accelerated Flight Time


Use of Accelerated Flight (increased sim rate) shall adhere to the following policy

1.      Use of accelerated flight time is optional - the maximum rates shown below are mandatory

2.      Pushback at departure gate to TOC (Top of Climb) = 1x

3.      TOD (Top of Descent) to engine shutdown at arrival gate = 1x

4.      Total scheduled flight time 2 hours or less = 1x

5.      Total scheduled flight time greater than 2 hours up to 4 hours = up to 2x maximum

6.      Total scheduled fight time greater than 4 hours = up to 4x maximum

7.      Use of accelerated flight time shall be limited to level cruise flight only

8.      PIREPs submitted that do not meet the above listed standards will be rejected

Note: If you choose to use accelerated flight time, you will only receive hour's credit for the actual real time it took to complete the flight, not the sim hours. So, if the flight took 6 hours in sim time, but you flew it in 4 hours real time (because you used accelerated flight time), you will receive 4 hours credit in the PIREP system. This is hard-coded into the kACARS program.